Persistent Chrome OS on USB (HOme Edition)



  • Geofrey Hill

    That is how the USB installer is intended to function.

  • iRoberto

    But it does not!(?)
    Every time I plug the thumb drive it is like a clean slate.


  • Geofrey Hill

    Sorry, i was unclear. The installer not being persistent is the intended state. The USB installer is meant for install and live boot testing, not persistent use. 

  • iRoberto

    Ah OK!

  • mario



    My situation is little bit more complicated.

    1st of all, I can't boot from hard disk after successful USB installation. Everytime I have to boot from USB installation stick. And I can't enter develop mode to use shell. And the most strange thing is, that the partition of the hard disk used by Cloudready is not recognizable by any tools. It's just gone.

    I hope someone can help me to make the Cloudready can boot from hard disk without my USB installation stick plugged it.


  • Forrest Smith



    1) Are you running on official Chromebook / Chrome OS hardware?

    2) Are you using the Home Edition or the EDU/Enterprise Editions?

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