Non-Google authentication system (OpenID or other)



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Francois,


    Keep in mind that those are Chromium OS's docs, not Neverware's. They are likely authored 5+ years ago by Google employees.


    Our primary mission currently is to make CloudReady as close a match as possible to Chrome OS in order to provide an OS option for people who like Chromebooks but want to use other hardware. We are always investigating other options and additional features (like Flatpaks, etc) but they are our 2nd priority.

    We don't have any plans currently to support authentication to accounts not mediated by Google - the infrastructure and services Google provides are very robust and central to the good experience we think CrOS currently provides. I can definitely understand why you, and some others might want to avoid that as a requirement, but our feedback from the world right now is that very few folks share that opinion, and even fewer organizations are interested in paying for it.


    If Google ever implements this functionality in CrOS, you can assume we will merge it in and support it the same way, but until that point I'm afraid guest mode may be your best option.

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  • Francois Beretti

    Thank you for this clear answer !

    So I will now ask Google for this subject.

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