32bit 64bit warning message



  • Tony Baloney

    What's your machine/specs?

  • Joe

    What's the specs of the machine? Clearly it must be 64-bit CPU on the Machine. Also not many features work on the 32-bit. If your just browsing then that's fine

  • Forrest Smith

    We don't do any testing of 64bit-capable hardware/components on 32bit builds

    Over time, we've seen an increasing number of major bugs with graphics or performance for 64bit capable machines running 32bit builds. Because we don't' support that combo, we don't generally investigate or fix the bugs. So in your case, nothing has changed, but be aware that every update brings the possibility of a major failure or bug.

    If you can figure out how to move to 64bit, you'll get more complete features (Widevine support for streaming, Flatpaks, Crostini, Virtualbox) and a higher likelihood of stability from release to release. That said, you're welcome to stay how you are and ignore the notification until the issue is forced on you by a new bug. 

  • niall dewar

    It's a Lenovo R500 celeron dual core T3100 from 2008.
    I only use for YouTube, web browsing and spreadsheets really and it works great
    I'll give the 64-bit another attempt if it misbehaves, but it's all fine for my usage atm.

    Many thanks for the response


  • Joe

    Yep it's 64-bit. As I said if you're just browsing then that's fine

  • Scott Neufeld

    I too have been running the 32 bit for a couple of years on my Dell Latitude D630.   
    Is the process to install in the 64 bit version somehow more simple since I already have the 32 bit installed?  Any quick button to click on and zipy zip it happens?  or do I need to go through the process of building the installer and USB stick etc etc?


  • Forrest Smith

    It's necessary to go through all the steps again - sorry. The good news is that our install process has gotten much better over the past couple years, and should take less than an hour from start to finish (and about half of that is just idle time waiting for the USB to be images or the installer to so its thing)

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