Temporarily Disable Updates



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Chris,

    Disable auto-updates

    Thanks for the detailed report - it's very useful to know that the graphics aren't entirely broken, jut heavily glitching.

    Am I right in thinking that XPS 400 has a GeForce 6800 GPU?


    We don't have any certified models with that GPU, and it looks like historically only  2 people have used this chipset with CloudRady (according to our hardware metrics DB), so a solution may not be immediately forthcoming.

  • Chris Baclayon

    Hi Forrest,

    Thank you for the link to disable the auto-updates. 

    The system is using an ATI Radeon X300 SE 128MB for the video card.

    I'll just disable the auto-updates so I can keep using the system. 

    Is there a recommended video card that works with CloudReady?

    Below are images of what the glitches look like (Please pardon the dust. The machine is in heavily trafficked work area):

  • Chris Baclayon


    Will I be able to update the media plug-ins and adobe flash when the updates are disabled?


  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Chris,


    Yes, plugins should all still work.


    I don't know off hand what other GPUs are likely to be compatible with your motherboard. If you suggest the name of one here I am happy to look up if other users are using that GPU for you though. That wouldn't guarantee anything, but would help you shrink risk.

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