Gemini Lake processors



  • Forrest Smith



    This isn't very thoroughly explored territory for us, though there's some evidence things should work.


    We should 6 total devices with Gemini Lake GPUs having booted CloudReady, but all of those were on v70 or v68 when they reported in to our metrics system.


    The CPUs that we have on record are:

    Pentium J5005

    Pentium J4005

    Pentium N4000


    So there's no guarantee that the N5000 will work until you try it out, but there's evidence that both the UHD 600 and UHD 605 GPUs in Gemini Lake chipsets have worked in the past-  hope that helps.

  • ftx

    Thanks for the detailed answer. It seems better to wait. In addition, it is possible that there will be models with a screen 17 and passive cooling 🙄.

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