Is Cloud Ready secure for purchases over the Internet



  • Joe

    Far as I know CR is a Linux based OS so your safe there and uses Chrome and I have purchased some stuff via Amazon and All is Good. There's no Anti-Virus needed cause CR/Chrome OS is the most secured Browser/OS

  • Forrest Smith

    CloudReady should be as secure as other major OSs if you are making purchases. All locally saved information is encrypted when not in use for each user, including any cached financial info or credit cards.


    Note that the vendors and websites you purchase from are completely separate - if you purchase something from an insecure website or provide your financial info to a vendor who is not careful with data, then your OS cannot protect you. Be careful no matter what OS you use.

  • SirRon

    Thank you for your responses.  So CloudReady does not require some form of antivirus, anti-malware or security suite software installed because it's secure and there are no security security software available for CloudReady?

  • Forrest Smith

    That's right - you need to be careful who you trust on the internet and avoid providing password or credit card info to any questionable websites (those are not things a computer can protect from, you just have to use good judgement and be cautious) but there's no need for added anti virus or anti malware. CloudReady is setup by default to be more secure than Windows, Mac, or most Linux options.

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