[SOLVED] Browser crash on HTML5 canvas record (Also, can't play canvas generated video)



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi there


    I am fully installed on a v72.3 64bit device (Intel Kaby Lake GPU) and this works fine for me.


    I would guess that this is one of three issues:

    1) You don't have media plugins installed (see Settings > Plugins)

    2) Your hardware has a bug with this type of media playback that was introduced in v70+

    3) It's a fluke and if you reboot/remake your USB it'll work


    Any of that help?

  • tmpmachine

    Thanks for the response

    Yeah, certaintly not (1) and (3).. probably it's the (2).. I'm pretty sure it works before the UI update introduced in v70

  • Forrest Smith

    If you can provide detailed info about your hardware, or send logs with alt+shift+i, or both, we can at least look into any similar regressions if any certified hardware has the same issue.

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