curious about the difference between Chrome OS 72 and Cloudready 72.4



  • Forrest Smith

    Our QA & Engineering teams have been working hard for a year to catch up - seems like we might be caught up!

  • Joe

    Forrest I think in general he wanted to know what is the difference from the numbering say why y'all post like 72.4 and not just 72 like Google does. I know there's numbering in the platform title but yeah

  • Bidwell Ely

    Forrest gave me the answer I was wondering about. I was interested in how close the 2 systems had gotten. I am:enjoying the 72.4 version.

  • Gage C

    Hi Forrest Smith, this is completely off topic and random but could you please directly contact me via discord or email? I need some help with my cloudready install but all ticket I try to make automatically gets marked as solved and doesn't get added to the list at all. My discord username is Cubea#1884 (Random I know) and my email is Thanks in advance 

    - Gage

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Gage

    Sounds like you've been contacting our support team. Note that, as it states at , there is no direct email/phone support for users of the Home Eddition (it's free! But that means we can't pay people to provide 1-on-1 support either).

    If you post a new thread in these forums with a *detailed* description of your problem, the hardware you're using, and what steps you've already attempted, then myself, another team member, or another community member should be able to offer some advice.

  • Gage C

    I’ve created a detailed posted about my issue in USB Booting.

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