Attempting to import a certificate authority crashes my settings tab



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Nolan,

    What version of CloudReady are you on? 72.4.27 ? You can check under Settings > About CloudReady


    I am not having the same issue with certificates UI on my machine which is installed with v72.4.27 (64bit), so this may also be hardware specific. Can you share as much detail as possible about your device's model name, number, and internal components? 

  • Nolan Darilek

    Cloudready 72.4.27 (Developer Build - neverware) developer-build chromeover64

    Custom PC build with an Intel I7, Maximus VIII Impact motherboard. I can provide other details on request.

    So I'm poking around in /var/log trying to find more details for a better error request and have noticed two things. First, corresponding with each crash, I get this in /var/log/messages:

    2019-02-11T10:49:53.596037-06:00 INFO kernel: [ 4335.596511] traps: chrome[18692] trap int3 ip:5625f9ab0de0 sp:7ffdd5bacc70 error:0 in chrome[5625f3600000+8b24000]
    2019-02-11T10:49:53.603956-06:00 INFO crash_reporter[19023]: libminijail[19023]: mount '/dev/log' -> '/dev/log' type '' flags 0x1001
    2019-02-11T10:49:53.625106-06:00 ERR crash_reporter[19023]: Invalid parameter: --user=%P:5:1000:1000:chrome

    Then the following in crash_reporter_wrapper.log:

    %P not provided for core_pattern

    So that looks like a thing that might provide more information if it actually ran, which it doesn't appear to be doing. :) Is there a way for me to get a more meaningful crash report, or will this have to be fixed on your end? Or is it a red herring?


  • Forrest Smith

    After triggering the crash, please reboot and log in and then you can send us logs with alt+shift+i (at the desktop).


    Ideally, if you could try to trigger this issue on some other piece of hardware that would also help to show if this is device-specific or not.

  • Nolan Darilek

    I've duplicated this on my older Dell Latitude E4300, so if it's hardware-specific, then it is specific to both pieces of hardware I own. :) I've submitted feedback from both computers--one last night at around 9 PM Central, and another just now.


    One probable difference between my setup and yours is that I'm running with the Chromevox screen reader enabled. I'd hope that wouldn't make a difference, but it's true on both devices, and maybe something in the accessibility subsystem isn't happy when that particular tab attempts to load.


    Happy to provide any additional details. Thanks for the help.

  • Nolan Darilek

    Wait, I just reread your instructions. You tell me to reboot and log in after the crash. I just pressed Alt-Shift-i immediately after the crash. Do I have to reboot first?


    To be clear, the system continues to run. It's only the settings tab that crashes. So I could reboot, but that probably wouldn't give you the freshest data.



  • Forrest Smith

    I see - logs should be fine as already sent - thanks! We'll look into whether there's a Chrome vox bug with certs.


    If you easily can, checking if another profile has the same would also be a helpful test.


    Thanks for the detailed followup!

  • Forrest Smith

    I'm able to reproduce an issue with certificates import when Chrome Vox is enabled, though not a crash. 


    All three of the other certificate tabs work fine, but (if Chrome Vox is enabled) the Authorities tab freezes the UI when being clicked.

    Do you have any workaround to upload your cert, for now, with Chrome Vox disabled? I know that's a big ask; I want to be clear that we think of it only as a bad and temporary workaround.


    I'll file a bug internally and see if we can reproduce this issue on an official Chromebook in order to get the work prioritized by Google.

  • Nolan Darilek

    Thanks, I had someone confirm that this seems to happen with stock/official Chrome OS.


    Have you already filed a bug with Google? If so, could you please send a link so I can star it? If not, I'll file it now with the correct Chromevox tags.

  • Forrest Smith

    I have not filed a bug. Though I'm happy to do so, if you have the time and inclination I think the report is much more powerful coming from a regular user of ChromeVox - I imagine it will get attention sooner that way.


    To reverse your mention - if you link it back here  I'll be happy to star and link it back to our internal tracker.

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