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  • Forrest Smith

    Hey Daniel,

    Interesting use case.

    I don't know much about Telnet - you might be able to run to in a Docker container or Crostini vm if it's something that can run on Linux.

    Can you detail what try current remote server you're using had for an OS?

    If there's any substantial business need behind this, I'm sure our sales engineers would love to talk,about it to see if we can come up with something officially supported for you.

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  • Robert L. Hauck

    There is at least one telnet app in the Chrome Web Store. That would be the first thing to try.

    If you can switch to SSH instead, Chrome OS has a built-in SSH client that works quite well. Telnet has pretty much gone the way of the dodo in the Internet age.

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  • Daniel Luck

    @Forrest Smith:  Thanks for the suggestion about using Crostini Virtual Machine.  This worked like a charm after installing the VM and then telnet.  I'm still tweaking the configuration, but it's working for the most part.

    @Robert Hauck:  Thanks for the suggestion!  I ran across the Mocha Telnet in the Chrome OS store, but the version I saw was trial version.

    We are still using telnet only internally on our network to access an IBM AIX System.

    Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions.

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