Please add a CloudReady Edition That has support but not enrollment feature



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Evan,


    Thanks for the feature request!

    I wanted to respond here to let you know that this isn't an option we can pursue, financially speaking.


    Providing support for CloudReady via email and phone is actually very expensive - our Support team is staffed by experts, and they spend a lot of time on each request for help or support that comes in so that customers get anything they need. We are able to devote so much expert time and attention to each issue because each customer is required to purchase a minimum of 30 licenses for $15 each. 


    One person supporting 30 licenses requires similar amounts of support as one person with one license. That's why we have a minimum, and also why we can't offer a single-user license.


    Hopefully our community here can help you with whatever you need.

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  • Evan Nayee

    That’s too bad. Thanks though!

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