Asus t100 TA 72.4 feedback



  • Forrest Smith

    Thanks for the detailed feedback Courtney - it's great to have longtime users and know that the product improves over time for you!


    For right clicking - does two-finger tapping or two-finger clicking work? 

  • Courtney

    Yep lol have been with cloudready for a long time was using cloudready on a hp 255 G1 (gave that computer to my parents didn't want cloudready & had to reinstall windows lol) & now using it on a asus t100ta lol. 

    Anyway yep two finger tapping works thanks for the solution Forrest.

    I can't wait to fix my screen tomorrow (it's a do it yourself replacement kit) if all goes well tomorrow with the screen replacement my asus t100 ta will be back in action lol. Will try out the touch screen features/tablet mode tomorrow once I replace the screen & let you know if those work.

  • Courtney

    I finally got my screen replacement (Was supposed to come last week but somehow ended up in Washington go figure) though hate to say it I wasn't able to put the touch screen connectors back on.

    The do it yourself screen replacement kit didn't come with anything to stick the connectors back on & I am sitting here like really? So I was like meh let's just go with it. So stuck everything back on & now my tablet is pretty much a mini laptop.

    So was looking forward to the tablet mode but eh what can you do lol.

    Anyway so yeah other then not being able to try out the tablet mode now it's still the same as I mentioned in my first post. Will keep you guys at cloudready updated if future updates somehow fix the sleep mode issue or bring up any other issues that happen to form or get fixed lol.

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