Making DualBoot



  • Forrest Smith

    Thanks for posting a cool trick for users who are willing to try out more complex stuff!


    A "reader beware" note for others: Any change to the partitions table that shifts the CloudReady partitions from their original spots (16-27) will cause updates to break. Similar, any dual boot install that edits or replaces CloudReady's GRUB with another bootloader could cause updates to not work, and will likely nix our newly added support for leaving Secure Boot enabled.


    No reason not to try if those facts don't bother you! 

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  • Renan da Costa Sales

    Forrest Smith, posso te emprestar aqui?

    Aconteceu uma vez, eu tenho um vostro 5470 e por nenhuma razão ele travou a tela e ficou com o disco 100% de uso, consegui reinicializar segurando apenas o botão, detalhe, eu ainda não tinha dualboot

    Vostro 5470

    Intel I5 4ª geração

    Ram de 4 GB

    Nvidia Geforce 740M

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  • Forrest Smith

    If it only happened once, I would assume it was a fluke and ignore it.

    If it comes up again, try disabling all extensions and seeing if that resolves the issue.

    If it still happens with no extensions installed, then I would guess the problem is a bug with our support of your GeForce 740 GPU - you might want to remove or disable it and compare when using your i5 integrated graphics.

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