unable to boot from hd



  • Joe

    How much RAM is in the laptop? Other than the RAM everything else should be fine. 2GB is the minimum

  • cL


    When booting from HD, it loads normally up until just before the login screen.  It shows the time and wifi status in the bottom right corner but just before the prompt for the user login appears it reboots. 64 bit version, 2GB RAM.


    BIOS is set to look at USB first for boot data then HD.  All other boot sources are disabled.

    Boot from USB (boots normally and displays username prompt), shut down, remove USB, power on, let it boot from HD by default, username prompt appears and functions normally.  Must be done before each HD boot or else HD boot will end with a reboot just before login screen.

    Theory:  Possibly an essential file is erased when booting successfully from HD, thus the next HD boot fails and reboots just before the user login prompt.  When booting from USB possibly this file is restored to the OS on the HD.  Or a setting in the bios?  Tried reinstalling the OS on the HD from the USB boot but, no effect.

    While this workaround makes the xps 1210 useable, any suggestions on fixing it are appreciated.



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi cL - 


    Can you reproduce the problem (cause the black screen/crash) and then reboot (using your workaround) and log in to send us logs by pressing alt+shift+i ?


    Please paste this thread URL or something else similarly identifiable into the description with the logs so we can find your report easily and connect the dots.

  • cL

    Logs have been submitted.

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi ,

    Shot in the dark here, but:

    Does your BIOS have a Hard drive mode setting? If so, can you experiment with it? I see a couple log lines that look like you're in IDE mode, which I've seen cause problems in the past.

    Usually the problems are more catastrophic than this - I am not particularly confident in this as the solution, but it seems worth a shot.

  • cL

    I don't see any BIOS settings that involve IDE mode. Any other ideas?

  • Joe

    Hmm what I tried a few times is I bought a Sata to USB Cable and disconnected All other drives bough the USB and simply installed CR onto the HDD and put it back in the laptop and boots fine

    Just a Quick note that CR is Linux and Linux refreshes upon boot on which ever hardware it's connected to

    So with that in mind you can buy a cable like that on eBay or Amazon for cheap. GL!

  • Forrest Smith

    Ok, I don't have any new suggestions besides starting over to isolate variables.

    1) Reset BIOS to defaults
    2) reimage your USB installer with latest 72.4
    3) Reinstall
    4) see if the problem still manifests in the same way

    We've queued up some QA on the closest hardware we have in house (GeForce Go 7300) but it was working fine a couple weeks ago which makes me feel that's it's unlikely to be a graphics issue.

    I guess you could also look into a Bios update from Dell, if one is available, but that might be a decent amount of work including possibly the need to reinstall Windows.

  • cL

    Further testing reveals the following pattern:

    1.  Power on and boot from HD.

    2.  Login screen appears, accepts login normally.

    3.  User clicks Shut down symbol (without clicking Sign Off first)

    4.  Power on and boot from HD.

    5.  Just before the login screen appears, the computer reboots.

    6.  Reboots from HD, then just before the login screen appears the computer reboots.

    7.  Reboots from HD, login screen appears, accepts login normally.


    1.  Power on and boot from HD.

    2.  Login screen appears, accepts login normally.

    3.  SIGN OFF, login screen appears. 

    4.  Shut down symbol click on from login screen.

    5.  Power on, boots from HD, login screen appears, accepts login normally.

    So the problem is that if the user shuts down (using shut down symbol button) without signing off, it will boot up and then reboot twice before presenting the user with the login screen.

    If the user SIGNS OFF THEN SHUTS DOWN then powers up and boots from the HD, then and the login screen appears and the user can login normally.

    It's just a minor inconvenience but any input is appreciated.





  • Forrest Smith

    What behavior do you see if you use the power button to do a hard power cycle?

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