Dell Inspiron P24T



  • exit8

    I have Windows 10 running perfectly fine on an ASUS laptop with a 32 GB eMMC hard drive and on a Lenovo Ideapad 120S with 32 GB eMMC hard drive.

    You have to know what to do.



  • Joe

    Hmm really depends on the company who made the Emmc. Samsung, Toshiba, and SanDisk come to mind but SanDisk is known for making bad chips from time to time

    Mostly it could of been through all the bloatware that comes with Dell Laptops slowing in down so a reinstall of windows 10 is up to trying just to be sure that bloatware was causing the problem

  • Bidwell Ely

    I completely agree with Vince. The issue is not that does Windows 10 work, but to update it, from 1803 to 1809 is close to impossible due to the size of the download (25 GB). I even had Dell Technical try to help me to cleanse the hard drive to fit the Bloated Windows 1809 on a 32 GB EMMC without success. They spent 3 hours with me! Good luck to Exit, when and if Exit updates.

    I am so thankful to Neverware for their support and a very fine OS.

  • Joe

    That said Downloading the latest version of windows 10 and making a setup USB and just reinstall is what I'd do. I have Windows 10 on a SD Card as it only has 32GB of Storage and all works fine. Now when the next update comes I'll let ya know. I'm thinking downloading the version once released then create a USB of the setup then just upgrade to the USB


    How I did this is used a program called WINtoUSB to create a Windows GO edition so a SD Card from using a Transscend Reader I have 

  • exit8

    I am not sure what you mean by "cleanse the hard drive".

    I did a complete clean installation of Windows 10 v1809.

    Have Windows 10 v1809 running just fine on both laptops with 32 GB eMMC.

    I suspect Dell tech support had no clue.


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