Black Screen Full Screen or Seamless Mode in Virtual Box


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  • Forrest Smith

    I don't think running Vbox as root on CloudReady is something you can easily do. It's a tricky balance to try to preserve the Chromium OS security model of sandboxing processes and separating permissions while providing access to substantial local resources lol with Vbox, so we have to run the application in a specific way.

    We do have it in our list of changes to try building in the Extension Pack to see if that improves the experience, but since this is a Home-only experimental feature I'm not confident when we'll do that.
    It's also worth mentioning that windowing modes like seamless and full screen may make assumptions about how the Linux desktop manager works for those cases, but CloudReady doesn't use Gnome or any other standard manager - in fact it doesn't even run normal X or Wayland widow managers or compositors. Everything is translated to the browser's direct-to-kernel framework ("freon") and the Linux apps run through a Google compatibility layer called "Sommelier" that has limited flexibility. So, it's possible that these features would require a substantial effort from us or Vbox to get working, beyond just Extension packs.

    Hopefully you can still make use us full desktop virtualization for the time being though. If you do keep experimenting and find anything interesting, please keep sharing!

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