Toshiba Satellite L350-170 startup.



  • Forrest Smith

    1) Have you tried more than a handful of times in a row? It might be interesting to find out if it's always every other, or if there's some randomness to it.

    2) Yes, a reinstall to see if the problem persists wouldn't hurt. You might also want to see if the boot is more reliable in UEFI mode versus legacy mode by changing your BIOS settings and then re-testing.

    3) You might have better results if you can disable peripherals in the machine you don't need, also using BIOS. Things like the CD drive etc. Disabling the devices altogether, or even as part of the boot process, can't hurt.

  • James

    Thanks for the reply.

    • Yes, I have tried many times, on several days and it always failed to start the first time. Second time it started quickly.
    • I tried reinstalling and that made the problem worse. Now it doesn't start at all unless I go to the boot devices and press Enter on HDD. Checked boot order in BIOS - HDD is put first in the list. This is a c2006 laptop so no UEFI mode here, possibly the problem is just that the laptop is too old to run properly?? 
    • Just looked in BIOS, the things that are enabled/disabled are as follows:

    Core Multi processing - Enabled

    Dynamic CPU Frequency Mode - Dynamic (Options here Dynamic and Always Low)

    Pointing device - Enabled

    Built in LAN - Enabled

    Built in Wireless LAN - Enabled

    Wake on LAN - Disabled

    Wake on Wireless LAN - Disabled

    Critical Battery Wake up - Enabled

    Execute Disable Bit capability - Enabled

    Intel Virtualisation Technology - Disabled

    Legacy USB support - Enabled

    Wake on Keyboard - Enabled

    Intel Dynamic Acceleration - Disabled

    SATA controller Mode - AHCI (Options here AHCI and Compatibility) 

    Power on Display - LCD+AnalogRGB


    Doesn't seem to be any devices (CD drive etc) to disable? 

    Would completely formatting the HDD (DBAN etc) help? Or using different HDD. But perhaps the laptop is just too old - but strange that when in Cloudready you would not know that it was an old system - general performance is very good.




  • Forrest Smith

    I'd recommend simply experimenting with the different settings you listed, changing one thing at a time, to see if any of them help.

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