Can You Still Run From Flash Drive? If Not, Why Is That No Longer Supported? It was Great!!!



  • Forrest Smith

    It's still possible in the same way as before.

    Are you running into a problem?

  • Tom N

    Thanks Forrest for your response.

    From reading the current installation documentation, once you boot the flash drive, the installation process wipes out your hard drive and installs Neverware on your hard drive. It does not make any mention of just running Neverware from the flash drive.

    Am I missing something?  I am not talking about running a old version off a flash drive that one might have laying around. I am talking about following the current procedures on the web. I started the installation procedure, but canceled it when when it looked like it was going to wipe out my hard drive.




  • Forrest Smith

    You're not missing anything. Just like before, you can stop prior to the full install that wipes your disk and log in instead. As long as you don't click through the warnings about installation (similar to what's shown in the guide) then you can run off usb on the latest version without worrying.

  • Tom N

    Thank you Forrest... For clearing that up for me....


    Although I have my files backed up, I still did not want to have to take time to restore them, while I am playing with Neverwear.  

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