Pin or Password Screen Unlock - Pin disappears after an extended period of time.



  • Tony Baloney


  • Forrest Smith

    I, for one, don't know the answer to this. I'd guess you're getting crickets because no one else does either. Sorry!

  • Tony Baloney

    ...have you recreated it??

  • Tony Baloney

    ..looks like it only is happening on battery not plugged in.

  • Robert L. Hauck

    My Asus C302 behaves this way as well. Haven't figured out the minimum time, but if I close the lid and come back in a day it wants a password. But after a few minutes it will accept the pin. 

    OTOH, my Acer Tab 10 always accepts a pin, even right after booting. But it is always in tablet mode. 

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