How does Cloudready handle user data when booting the same USB on different computers?



  • Forrest Smith

    The USB keeps that data stored, but won't re-use it with a different computer for security reasons. Think about the USB as an HDD and the reason becomes more clear: when the disk boots up and see a different device than before, it seems like the HDD was removed from one machine and moved to another, which violates the hardware-specific management and security policies of Chromium OS. So, to protect that user's data, it doesn't give you access to the cached profile and requires you to log in and sync again.

  • Joe

    Yep. Basically the USB clears it's cache once used on a different PC. Where you have to log in again

    Just a note that the USB is for Testing purposes only really. The live OS can be used for That purpose in which you want but it's not really recommended

  • Tony Baloney

    It's sent directly un-encrypted to Wiki-Leaks then to Putin's office at the Kremlin...I think!

  • Tony Baloney

    Oh! And Jeff Bezos gets a copy too!

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