Chrome Broke MY PC!!!!



  • Tony Baloney

    You're stuffed? Did you just eat a big meal too??

  • Jake Pronger

    No my pc is stuffed you fucking weirdo. Don’t be rude you peice of crap.

  • Tony Baloney


  • Joe

    What you mean by "Stuffed"?

  • Forrest Smith

    Alright, let's all cool it with the rough language AND jokes and just focus on being helpful to one another.

    Jake im really sorry about the issue you've run into. Hopefully we can help you find a way to get back to your working state.

    In your BIOS settings I understand that the device is set to boot to HDD first, but have you tried resetting the BIOS settings to defaults since this occurred?
    That would be my recommendation for where to start.

    If you never went through the full install steps agreeing to the warning that your disk would ber erased , then I am confident that CloudReady cannot have erased your disk as ONLY the full install procedure can erase a disk on CloudReady, and it never triggers automatically or without warning.

  • Jake Pronger

    Yeh so I got chrome on my USB for a friend I test it on my pc and all good I didn’t install it on my hard drive and then I give it to my friend all good untill I start my pc up it’s like there’s no bootable devices or no drives so I was stuffed and it didn’t let me go into the boot menu. But I reinstalled windows onstallatiln on my USB for atleast a drive to boot on when into cmd and noticed my hard drive was formatted so I had to reinstall Windows now I’m all good :) but my pc is slower and odd at times. I think I’m good now thanks for repling and helping out.

  • Forrest Smith

    Glad it worked out - cheers!

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