is my flashdrive complete?



  • Joe

    They are there but hidden in windows because it's a Linux USB Installer

  • James Ring

    I couldn't get an old HP to take the install and I thought the usb was not properly loaded.

    Strange, I didn't know windows couldn't show files even for another OS.

    I'll try again.


  • Joe

    What your Model of this HP?

  • Forrest Smith

    Your installer won't show all files or partitions because it is not designed for file storage and uses formatting that Windows and Mac OS don't recognize.

    Your installer may not work after your inspected those folders you mentioned in your first comment. I recommend starting over in out guide to re-make your us installer, and then retry the install.

  • James Ring

    It's an HP Compaq dc5800 (small form)


    So, are you saying just by looking inside the folders on the usb corrupted the install ? 

  • Joe

    He's just saying go ahead and re-do the USB Installer of CR. Be sure in BIOS USB is set to first boot and that the storage is set to AHCI (used mostly) or IDE (for legacy models)

    Be aware that CR will wipe the HDD. You can be sure to test via the live OS for testing purposes

  • Forrest Smith

    Yes - there's a security feature called "rootFS verification" or "verity" which ensures there's been no tampering with the root disk. Even the tiny differences caused by another OS mounting and inspecting the USB can cause it to fail to boot.
    So it's a good cautionary step to reimage it, and then only plug it in to devices that you want to boot on.

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