HP Elitebook 2740p Issues


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  • Forrest Smith


    If Windows 7 or 8 provide such a good experience, it sounds like you'll be happier if you stick with one of those.

    CloudReady can't have perfect hardware support for every device, since we're a relatively small team and need to focus on devices and features that our customers are telling us are important. Unfortunately that means pen and touch input on a device like your Elitebook 2740p are not likely to be prioritized on CloudReady, even though you're right that they could improve the experience.

    If you do stick with CloudReady, you might want to compare to v72.4 to see if there's better stability and performance - perhaps our unstable release of 73.1 has a bug you can help us pinpoint.
    If not - best of luck with whatever OS you go with instead.

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