Cloudready and MacOS on DIFFERENT hard drives



  • Forrest Smith

    If you have two HDDs and already have a MacOS drive, that should be possible sure!


    1. get your whole MacOS setup the way you want it on HDD 1. 

    2. temporarily, physically remove/disconnect your MacOS HDD

    3. if you haven't already , install HDD 2 that you want to house CloudReady

    4. boot from USB and install, as described in our guide, keeping HDD 1 disconnected the entire time

    5. confirm install went ok and that CloudReady boots from HDD 2

    6. reconnect HDD 1

    7. now, each time you boot up, use the one-time boot menu (option key on Apple) to see your HDDs and choose the one you want

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  • Alex Vergara

    Cool! Thanks!

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