Unexpected Keyboard Behavior on Chromium Address Bar (v73.1.66 Dev Channel)



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi tmpmachine,


    Actually, I have seen the same problem! It's new for me in v73.1, and has been very disruptive to my workflow.

    I'm unclear if this is a change pushed by Google or if there's a bug, but I know at least one other person in the Neverware offices, using a different machine but still on v73.1, does not see this issue.

    * What kind of hardware are you on?

    * Is the issue/change the same if you log as another user/guest?


    You can also use tab to move through the hints, though it is still not ideal.

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  • tmpmachine

    Hi, thanks for replying

    I'm installing CrOS on my old Lenovo laptop (not an official Chromebook).
    Know what! It's working fine in guest mode and newly added person too !

    Guess it has something to do with user personalization cache or something like that. Definitely not the browser fault

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