Pouco espaço de armazenamento



  • Tony Baloney

    BE AWARE...this will never update OTA & will never run anything other than the Stable Channel ....

    assuming you can live with recreation when new versions are released .... then:

    Here's what I DO:

    1. create an install USB as usual .... then
    2. boot the install disk add wifi info then
    3. browse as guest ... then
    4. Ctrl-Alt-t for Cros shell ... then
    5. type shell <enter> .... then type
    6. sudo disable_verity <enter> ... then
    7. shutdown & then ...
    8. insert USB into a Linux system & run gparted & expand partition 16 to encompass the rest of the free space ... then
    9. boot the USB & sign into cloudready as a Live system .....
    10. enjoy the system with full disk usage ....
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  • Tony Baloney

    ...& there's is NO REASON to create a swap partition..it's part of the system by default!!!!

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