Connecting to a Windows Server



  • Forrest Smith

    It sounds like you want to run an RDP app in kiosk mode. 


    There are some solutions for that, but you wouldn't be able to use kiosk mode unless you paid for our Education Edition and Google Management Licenses. You can contact to discuss that option if you're interested, or you experiment with non-kiosk mode options by finding an RDP Chrome app int he Chrome web store and using the Home Edition.

  • J. Muller

    If you do not need kiosk mode you may be able to use Chrome RDP  

    You could be able to let the browser page, to log in ,come up as the homepage. 

    It needs to set the resultion/ full screen before you connect.



  • J. Muller

    You may also try vinagre, remmima or krdc in crostini. You could add its icon to the shelf, but I do not think you can auto-start it.

    It would also require more from the clients. 64bit RAM etc. 

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