Apple magic trackpad 2; works on pixelbook but not on Acer chromebase or old Cloudready imac



  • Forrest Smith

    Hey jgay - 


    Are you comparing same-versions? My v73.1 (on the dev channel of CloudReady) machine shows a config entry for the Magic Trackpad 2 in /etc/gesture/40-touchpad-cmt.conf. Perhaps it was only recently added?

    Remember your Pixelbook is probably on v73 (Google went Stable with it recently) but your CloudReady machine will be on v72 (which might not have support for Trackpad 2) unless you explicitly put it on the Dev update channel. Maybe your Chromebase also has not been updated yet?

  • Forrest Smith

    Oh! The the other possibility would be deeper Linux kernel-level support. Chrome OS devices all ship with different kernels and some have special changes that others don't, or are simply more advanced. (all CloudReady devices share a single kernel - we patch for security regularly, and upgrade one a year or so) 


    The Pixelbook may have an updated kernel that neither CloudReady nor your Chromebase have, and that kernel may uniquely support the Trackpad 2. But this list:

    shows the Pixelbook on kernel 4.4, so either Google is specially supporting the Trackpad 2 on the Pixelbook, or CloudReady should support it too once you are on v73. I don't have once here to test, but you can check out the dev channel and let me know.

  • jgay

    Chromebase is running this version: Version 73.0.3683.88 (Official Build) (64-bit).

    Cloudready computer is at home, I'll check this evening.

    Thanks Forrest for troubleshooting.

  • Andy

    Still not working for me either. I think I am on 74.4. Any updates on this from Cloudready?

  • Forrest Smith

    75 added support for this. Update to beta channel to try it ! I use one all day every day now.

  • Andy

    Updated to Beta today. Trackpad works like a charm! Now, any suggestions for the Magic Mouse? It's not scrolling.


  • Forrest Smith

    seems not to be supported - I tested on and see the same problem.

    The magic mouse 1 is pretty close in terms of features, just not rechargeable. You can probably pick one up cheap, and that one will work on CLoudReady.

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