Cloudready custom changes.



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi vnc,


    I think you should consider CloudReady safe to use - we take great care to make changes responsibly, follow best security practices from both the wider Linux world and the Chrome OS world, and to thoroughly test changes to see if they allow anything bad to happen.

    Note that many of our changes (4 out of the 5 you listed above) are taken or adapted from the Linux community or the Chrome community directly, so their security standards should stand behind those changes too.


    You ultimately do have to choose whether you trust Neverware's judgement and testing, as well as the rest of the upstream Linux and Chrome community, But I think you should, and many many projects beyond CloudReady place their trust in this kind of open source, peer-reviewed code. 


    Hope that answer strikes a good balance between honesty and reassurance.

  • vnc

    thanks for your elaborate answer. 

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