Lenovo Yoga 710 Keyboard not turning off when flipped



  • Forrest Smith

    What version were you on when it was working before? And what version are you on now?

    Also, does flipping the keyboard cause tablet mode to engage, even if the keyboard still works? Things like apps going full-screen automatically, and a back-button appearing on the taskbar would be the signs.

  • Julian Gil

    Thanks for the follow-up Forrest.

    I am currently on the newest version of the enterprise edition. Currently I had the Home edition, also on the latest edition of the software. Just tested it and it does not into tablet mode.

  • Julian Gil

    Upon further testing, the one regarding the issue is the touchpad, the keyboard actually started turning off (weird) on it's own.

  • Forrest Smith



    I noticed that a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga I test on would only disable the touchpad once I rotated the screen past a certain point - basically all the way to flat.

    Can you check if you device is similar to that?

  • Julian Gil

    Hey Forrest,

    Unfortunately not even having it all the way flat, basically having it as a tablet, turns the touchpad off.

    I have looked up ways to turn the touchpad off, but each time I would need to restart the device and that kind of kills productivity.

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