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  • Forrest Smith


    We found a major bug with AMD graphics that may be to blame here - it is fixed in 73.1, but that's our unstable dev channel release right now, so you can't download it to put it on a USB, only update to it.

    I'll look into a preview build you could try out, but if that doesn't work out you can definitely retry installing as soon as 74.3 is available, hopefully in early May.

  • Scott Morrier

    Thank you so much. How can I get this preview build?

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Scott,


    Sorry for the delay - we don't always release these X.1 builds for fresh download so I had to work out the server-side logistics.


    Here's a link to try:


    You'll need to follow the "manual" USB creation steps in our guide since that file won't work in the Windows USB Maker.

    Also note that this build comes with no guarantees - it's a dev-channel release that has no been QA'd at all for this kind of USB installation. It may break in many ways.

  • Scott Morrier

    Thanks for the Link! The install worked on my device, however during the setup I wasn't able to use the trackpad on my laptop, which made seyip a little difficult. Is there anything I can do to be able to use my laptopsl trackpad without a mouse?

    If not, can I permanently install CloudReady on my machine instead of booting from a USB? I only have one functioning USB port on my machine.

    Thanks again

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Scott,


    You may be able to get the touchpad working by adjusting some BIOS settings (if any relate to touchpads), or you can look into the tips and tweaks (which are somewhat technical) here:


    You should also ensure there's no touchpad-disable keyboard shortcut on your machine's key deck that might be the solution here. 


    If none of those yield progress, you may have touchpad hardware that doesn't have driver support in CloudReady - newer devices will sometimes have this problem and need a kernel upgrade to work, which will come for CloudReady later this year. If you want to use it without the touchpad, you can install by opening the system tray and clicking the "install CloudReady" button.

  • Scott Morrier

    I was able to get my trackpad activated by changing my trackpad settings in my BIOS, and the OS has been installed on my system, with no major errors or bugs yet.

    Thank you so much for your help, you've gone above and beyond, and I can not be more grateful.

    Extremely impressed with this company's customer service.

    Thanks again!

  • Scott Morrier

    Hello Forrest,

    After installing CloudReady, my Laptop's battery life has dropped significantly... on a full charge, my battery will last me nearly an hour and a half.

    Anything I can do?

  • Joe

    No not really. Until they go in and modify the code to hopefully fix the issue all you can do is wait


    Now does this happen while on the USB live OS testing? If so then clearly there is something amise here which I can't help with other than it's a AMD laptop which frankly AMD Systems are known to not work 100% with CR *Yet 

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Scott,


    Sorry to hear you're seeing such poor performance.


    You should check if, when logged in as a guest, the battery life is just as bad - if it is better in Guest mode, the issue is probably an app or extension causing your machine to waste energy.

    If Guest mode is equivalent, then perhaps there's a problem with the efficiency of CloudReady's driver compatibility. Adjust any BIOS settings you have that refer to performance or battery savings to target lower performance and more battery savings, as this might help.

    What total battery capacity do you expect?

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