Installation failed



  • Forrest Smith

    If you can share a picture of the error, that might be helpful. Just scroll down to the bottom of the long error log first, so we can see the most important text.

  • Scotty squicciarini

    The error log is very long. How do I copy that? If I can copy it in the first place. Picture is not quiet clear. Where can I post the picture then?

  • Scotty squicciarini

    I'm actually struggle to scroll down to the bottom too. I have to increase the size of the window in order to read more, bit it doesn't reach the end of the window. Not sure how to get all the way down. If I can get a suggestion on how to do that. Thanks for the patience.

  • Forrest Smith

    If you don't have the option to take a picture that's readable then I'd recommend rebooting after the failed install, logging in, and pressing alt+shift+I to send logs to us.
    The dialog box will have a field where you can enter a description - please put a reference to this thread/URL in that description or else I may not be able to tell they pertain to this.

  • Scotty squicciarini

    Thanks. I sent the log with the URL of this thread attached to it.

  • ben cappel

    By the way - this may help a number of people in different threads having trouble installing.  I was having the same issues and tried everything including command line installs, wiping drive, etc.  The solution is to *never log in* using the install USB stick after creating it.  Once the "Let's get started" screen is displayed (don't even connect to a network) click the bottom right tray and install OS.  If you do anything when running on the USB stick it will alter the installation media and will fail the hash checks at the end of the install process.

    Some of the instructions in threads here specifically recommend logging in first - which will lead to this problem every time!  This may have worked before the hash checks were recently implemented, but not anymore.

    Spread the word!

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