Boot Problem for ASUS X540L



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Gerard,


    Can you confirm what version of CloudReady you're installing?

    And when you attempt the install, does the device shut itself down all the way and stay off? Or does it reboot on its own after install?

  • Gerard O'Connor

    Hi Forrest

    Thanks for your questions.

    The version is 72.4.61 (Developer Build - neverware) developer-build chromeover64

    From the initial USB installation disk it takes about 10 minutes to boot up and to get logged onto Cloudready.  Everything seems to work but it is really slow.  Web pages take a long time to load, like 1 or 2 minutes.

    Then once I start the Install OS, it takes about 30 minutes and then the screen goes blank.  It then  takes another 10 or 20 minutes for the Laptop power LED to turn off.  It then stays turned off.

    I will go through the process again and get some more accurate times and confirm it does exactly what I said it does.

  • Forrest Smith

    Do you have a different USB device you can try with?

  • Gerard O'Connor

    I made a new bootable USB stick and reinstalled on the laptop.  After logging on to Chrome I started the InstallOS wizard and after 9 minutes the chrome log-on screen reapperaed.  It took about 4 minutes to log-on and it was very slow.  To load a typical webpage took 3 minutes versus 5 seconds for my windows laptop using the same Wifi network.

    I then turned of the laptop and the screen went blank quickly however the laptop powder LED lamp took another 6 minutes to turn off.  Then I removed the USB stick and restarted.  I saw the ASUS logo briefly and then the there is nothing displayed on the screen.  the laptop is on but the screen is blank.  I can see the LED glow from the screen so it looks like it is on but isn't displaying anything.

    Could this be a BIOS Setting?  Ive had a play with the BIOS settings but nothing helps.  I've disabled Fast Boot and Launch CSM 

  • Forrest Smith

    If you press esc during startup can you access a boot menu?

    if so - can you plx select the "UEFI VendorcoProductCode, Partition 27" option?


    You also might want to disabled all three of the options above "SATA Configuration"

  • Joe

    You could try disable Secure Boot

  • Gerard O'Connor

    Hi Forrest

    I got it working, thanks for your advice.  I used a different USB stick as you suggested and that turned out to be the problem.  Everything is running sweet now and it is booting up directly from the HDD.


    Cheers :-) 


  • Forrest Smith


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