Dual boot from second drive?



  • Forrest Smith

    You would need to remove or disconnect the Windows drive and then follow the CloudReady install guide as normal.

    It's critical you actually unplug or remove the Windows drive, because you don't want to risk your Windows disk being overwritten by the CloudReady install.

    When you're finished, check that CloudReady can boot up. If it works fine, you can then shut down, reconnect your Windows drive, and use your device's boot-menu (see these keys for hints) to choose between the Windows and CloudReady options when starting up again later.


  • Joe

    Hmm how and what brand is the HDD? Being a only 32GB must be a pre-made partition. Just seems odd but yes go with what Forrest said. CR will wipe the any Drive connected to the Sata 1 Port on the MB (I think) am I right on that Forrest?

  • Forrest Smith

    CloudReady's install procedure does not choose based on port numbers, actually. It will target the largest valid install destination it finds. 

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