USB now destroyed



  • Joe

    are you able to get into Windows At all? What are the specs of the PC. Laptop or Desktop? Are you trying to Dual-Boot? (That's not happening as the feature has been removed due to issues)


    To format the USB,


    Open CMD in Start/Windows System/Command Prompt 

    Type "Diskpart" then "List Disk"

    It'll show All Disk and select the USB then type "Clean"

  • Daniel Belgum

    I am able to get into windows yes, and its a laptop, MSI GP72 6QF Leopard Pro. did that test it was telling and it was green mark on it all.

    This is the USB, the USB is 16GB, i tried formating with right click aswell and nothing, did what u said there and wouldnt let me select the USB

  • Joe

    Hmm extremely odd. Works fine for me. Know the brand of the USB? Can you by chance create a USB of Linux MINT and try to format it that way with GParted or with Disks?

  • Forrest Smith

    You can use the Chromebook recovery utility to format your USB back to default state - a quick search in these forums has those steps.
    in the future please try to take a minute to search before posting so we can keep duplicate content down and help future searchers avoid confusions.

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