ASUS Vivobook Flip 14 experience



  • Forrest Smith

    I believe the touchscreen works fine, though in not sure about the pen. There are some types of pens supported by default on CloudReady, but not all of them, so you'd have to test it out.

    I can't speak to the question about adding a drive, unfortunately - I'm not even sure if that device has an extra slot, but if it does there's no reason not to try.

  • Joe

    From my searching it only has a Sata-Connector and a M. 2 connector so what you could do is disconnect the Windows Drive then put the Sata Drive in and install CR onto that way then once after installing/shutdown you can put the Windows drive though in bios you'll have to set either one to boot or if there is a boot upon boot up then just select the drive that way

  • John Nguyen-Yap

    Great, thanks guys! I'll update if/when I get it and how it's doing.

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