Install to USB Drive



  • Joe

    Uhh far as I know you can't install CR onto a USB Stick or even a USB SSD/HDD. Now what you can do is buy a USB to Sata Cable and a msata 16GB/32GB Card (you'll need a case for the mSata) and All this can be found on eBay or Amazon. Now also you'll have to disconnect any other Drives but the mSata one. CR will detect the mSata Card and install fully


    Being your SSD is built in you'll have to look up the manual install process which can be found here on the Forum. Just search 'Manual Install' 

  • Chris Jefferies

    Thanks but its not worth all that hassle just to install to an external device so it could be updated. Is disabling install to USB a CR thing as Chrome OS allows it and I found the switch to enable in on here.  Its not a big deal creating a new USB drive every few months as I dont create any data. As I mentioned I managed to indirectly create a 32GB USB boot device and the most obvious difference is that /dev/sda16  increases from 2.2GB to 20GB!

  • Joe

    Whatever floats your boat sir. Just realize it'll be slower than installed directly on to a HDD/SSD

  • Tony Baloney

    BE AWARE...this will never update OTA & will never run anything other than the Stable Channel ....

    assuming you can live with recreation when new versions are released .... then:

    Here's what I DO:

    1. create an install USB as usual .... then
    2. boot the install disk add wifi info then
    3. browse as guest ... then
    4. Ctrl-Alt-t for Cros shell ... then
    5. type shell <enter> .... then type
    6. sudo disable_verity <enter> ... then
    7. shutdown & then ...
    8. insert USB into a Linux system & run gparted & expand partition 16 to encompass the rest of the free space ... then
    9. boot the USB & sign into cloudready as a Live system .....
    10. enjoy the system with full disk usage ....

    *** There is a link to download the beta version on this forum if you look ***

  • Joe

    Meh I really don't see the point in doing this really. I mean CR comes out with stable releases every other month and of course you have to create a USB for it. As Tony said you aren't able to update the OS so really this is rather pointless sorry

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