Is flatpack blockable?



  • Forrest Smith

    HI J.


    Our Enterprise and Education Editions don't allow for any of these feature (virtualization, flatpaks, crostini) for the moment, and that's to fill the use you case you're describing. If you need to control/lock down that functionality (or any kind of functionality) on multiple devices, you should look into those Editions and consider contacting our Sales team.

    You could then still use flatpaks or the other features for testing on the Home Edition, on an adhoc basis, but keep any sensitive machines that need to be controlled on the EDU or Enterprise versions, managed and secure.

    If you later had a use case for flatpaks or other experimental features to be allowed on the Education or Enterprise Editions, we are always looking for more feedback from our customers as to how they want to manage these features, so you don't need to assume that the two will never mix, just that we haven't yet been told by customers that they need these in a specific way.


    hope that info help!

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  • J. Muller

    Well, there is a GAM settinng to allow virtualization and crostini  for Chromebooks+Crostini, so you could consider allowing the same setting to allow Crostini. 

    Flatpaks and Virtualbox  running as chronos. do not really sit well with any security model, I'm afraid. Oddly enough: I know some schools use libreoffice for testing, since it is free to install. For them it could be a valuable feature to use flatpak if it could be switched off and on. It would allow mostly chromebook use, and the occasional test-use. Main concern could be the ability to write as chronos to folders: that could allow cheating.

    If virtualbox can be linked to the logged on user that could also be valuable. The same setting for crostini could hold for virtualbox. 

    In compterlabs the client-management is so easy with basic cloudready/chromebooks. Expanding it to fat-client use with apps like Musescore is possible but will affect the client-side a lot. Cloud-software is easier.  

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