When is crostini coming to the education and enterprise editions? (if at all)



  • Forrest Smith

    The short answer is, we'll probably wait until our current, or perspective, customers tell us they need it. 

    We hear lots of people expressing interest, but no one has come to us yet who wants to purchase the product but needs Crostini for an existing use case.

  • J. Muller

    As a happy user of the free home-edition I would not want to criticise, but are you sure you want to wait for customer demand before staying in line with Chromebooks and allowing Crostini on the devices as well as in the GAM? The market is maybe not going to send requests to stay in-line with google and the manufacturers of new devices?.  

  • Forrest Smith

    Fair question, but it's important to keep in mind that Google only ships support for Crostini on specific Chromebooks, not all of them, so they have the ability to carefully check hardware and feature support on every device before shipping it.

    We support a far wider variety of hardware on CloudReady, and can't test every aspect of Crostini functionality on every device we support, so for the moment we have decided to wait and better understand the demand rather than risk shipping a "supported" feature that turns out to be unreliable.

  • J. Muller

    Fair answer. Thanks. 

    Just like Chromebooks do not have the play-store and crostini on all devices, you could do the same. I am sure that the newer generations will have them more and more. 

    I hope you will get demand for Crostini particularly. 

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