x86 / 32BIT end of support



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi James,


    Sorry for the ambiguity - there's no comment on it because this is something we're still evaluating. 

    You can be sure we'll share a blog post when we have any final word. Any info about specifically how you use 32bit builds, and why you're not able to make the switch to 64bit machines, might be helpful in our decision process.

  • James

    Sorry for late reply only just seen this. It's just that I have a couple of older HP laptops with x86 CPUs. I always try the x64 version before the x86 and 64 did not work. It would just be a shame that the laptops would no longer be useful because there is nothing "wrong" with them, just that they only support the 32bit.

  • Forrest Smith

    I totally see that point of view, but the reality for us is that there is some added difficulty to support 32bit devices over time. Google has stopped supporting 32bit builds of the Chrome browser for Linux, and the wider Linux world is starting to drop 32bit desktop support as well. We rely on a huge amount of upstream work, bug fixes, and ongoing code-maintenance from others, and when that community support falls away we end up needing to spend more and more time fixing problems for a smaller and smaller minority of devices.

    Hopefully that illustrates the challenge well - I'm not certain how we'll proceed, but I wanted to be clear that the matter isn't entirely up to us. 

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