Blank screen after correct installation



  • Joe

    To my knowledge AMD Systems seem to be a issue with CR or many *Other Linux Distros. So I can't help sorry. It's probably a chipset or Graphics issue but I'm going for it's a chipset issue

  • Tony Baloney

    Make sure you install while plugged in to a power source. I always browse as Guest & go to Device-->>Power & disable sleep. I've seen it sleep before the install completes. A blinking cursor was my experience when this occurred!!!

  • Forrest Smith

    If your device is working during liveboot fine, then the problem is not the graphics or hardware support more generally.


    Tony's tip is worth considering for sure - you might think the install is finishing, but make sure the device hasn't just idled and turned off the display. You should be confident the machine is completely powered off at the end of install to be sure the install worked well. Also note that if your device is rebooting at the end of install, rather than powering off, that could also be a sign of trouble.


    If you're pretty confident with the above, the next place I'd look is in the BIOS settings. Some things to check for (they might not all be in there):

    • HDD mode should be SATA or ATA or ACPI, but you probably want to avoid IDE
    • Experiment with any boot mode settings
    • Disable CD drive, floppy drive, network boot, or any other non-essential peripherals / boot devices
    • If you see any settings that you're unsure, take a picture and we can advise

    Keep in mind that some devices' BIOS (especially in this age-range) will simply not be able to boot (internally) from a disk laid out like this. There're 27 partitions on CloudReady, and some BIOS are coded with shortcuts that assume a smaller count or a Windows-like boot record, which can cause them to fail to boot. 

  • Diego Cardinali

    It's a rather old PC, so I'm actually using an old IDE disk just to try: do you really think it could be the reason? Thanks for your help anyway

  • Forrest Smith

    I have seen issues with IDE mode on some models using CloudReady, yeah. I don't know for sure that's it, but swapping drives is definitely the best next thing to check.

  • Diego Cardinali

    It was the right thing to do! thanks! now it boots!

  • Forrest Smith

    Awesome! Enjoy.

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