Virtualbox will not start



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Rolf,

    A couple things to try:

    * Have you rebooted since initially installing VBox?

    * Does your device support virtualization? You may need to go into the BIOS and enable settings for things like "Virtualization", "VTx", or similar


  • Rolf Paloheimo

    Hi Forrest,

    I am on dev channel 74.1.23, the device is a asus t300 chi tablet, that has generally been great on cloudready

    Thanks for looking at it, I checked the bios, Intel virtualization, VTd etc.are enabled.  the device runs flatpaks no problem and crostini even better.  Libreoffice 6.1 runs like a champ under crostini, a little better than under flatpak when I compared the two.

    Is there a text command i could use from crosh, crosh shell or similar so that I could see the errors?

    I have a couple of relatively lightwieght windows apps I need to run, and I would rather not have to try something more radical.



  • Forrest Smith

    I really don't know how to interact with Vbox from cmd line - sorry. Beyond my expertise.


    I would recommend trying a reinstall, updating to 74.1.23, and then installing Virtualbox. I just did the same and that, at least, is working on my personal device.

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