0 icon after open linux/flatpak apps



  • Tony Baloney

    Soooo True!!!!

  • Forrest Smith

    This is a long-standing issue with some, but not all, flatpak and Linux apps use.

    You should try v74.1 if you have yet on the dev channel to see if things improve.

  • ScardracS

    Hi @Forrest, I'm already on 74.1.23 and unfortunately the problem still exists... Hoping in new build it will disappear

  • ScardracS

    I notice that if i put screen to min luminosity it flickering a lot

  • Forrest Smith

    That sounds like it would be hardware or graphics specific. WHat kind of device are you using?

  • ScardracS

    I'm using Lenovo Ideapdad 15ISK

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