Dev 74 Logs into a black screen.



  • Tony Baloney user works fine...

    I had just added crouton to the owner's account, don't know if that's the issue...

  • Tony Baloney

    I can get a ctrl-alt-F2 shell after login to black screen & login as chronos...any suggestions???

  • Tony Baloney

    It finally came back after toggling from a Developer Shell Ctrl-Alt-F2 to the logged in browser with Ctrl-Alt-F1...???

  • Tony Baloney

    ...But now there is no Downloads folder in the Folders App!!!!!!???????

  • Tony Baloney

    ...& crouton fails to start on v74 also....

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Tony,


    No comment on crouton - it isn't a feature we monitor or use, but I imagine removing and reinstalling might help.


    The downloads issue is one we're taking a look at now - you can visit 


    in the browser (like a URL) to access that folder for now.

  • Tony Baloney

    R & R worked for Crouton......

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