Every pic/vid copied/saved to laptop looses its creation date



  • Robert L. Hauck

    I don't think this is inherent in Cloudready. It is more about what app is making the copy.

    This seems to be specifically about photos "from the web". I just tried it with Google Photos using Chrome browser on Windows 7. If I download one photo it gets today's date. If I download an album I get a zip file with today's date, but the photos in that file have the original dates when they were uploaded to Google.

    In other words, I think the details of what you are trying to do matter here. Perhaps if you explain in more detail someone can tell you how to get the result you want.

  • Frank Fengler

    Hi Robert,

    unfortunately not. It IS inherent to cloudready. If I copy pictures from a USB stick onto my cloudready laptop, they all get the date of the copy day. Same thing when I copy pics/vids from my USB-connected iPhone. All done via the stock file explorer.
    Even if I download pics from Google Fotos with the cloudready laptop, the saved files all get the download date and loose their creation date.

    The result i want? That my copied pics/vids keep their creation date, as they do on my Windows laptop.

    There is one alternative cause of the issue, I can think of. Cloudreadys stock file explorer doesn‘t allow to sort files to their creation date, only to ‚last changed‘. So perhaps the files still keep their creation dates but only show their ‚last changed‘ dates?

  • Robert L. Hauck

    Ok, I have a better understanding now of what you are trying to do.

    First, your expectations are rather fragile. I think Windows is the only OS I use regularly that behaves that way. Linux by default gives the copy a creation date of when it was created (i.e. today)., You can override that, but it isn't the default. Since Cloudready is based on Linux it probably inherits that default.

    Even on Windows it isn't always consistent. As I mentioned in my post, Chrome on Windows 7 behaves the same way as Cloudready when downloading individual photos from Google Photos. You can work around that by downloading groups of files. The way Photos handles that is to download a ZIP file and when you unzip that the dates are the original ones.

    Which points to a workaround. You can do something similar when copying from a USB. Select the files, go to the 3-dot menu in the upper right and "ZIP Selection". Then copy the ZIP and unpack it.

    Another workaround for Google Photos specifically is to enable the setting in Google Drive called "Create A Google Photos Folder". That will sort your photos according to the date embedded in them by the camera and they will show up in Cloudready's Files app under "Google Drive>My Drive>Google Photos".

    This is actually more in keeping with the design of Cloudready/Chrome OS. It is designed around the assumption that you will keep most of your data in Google's cloud. 

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