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  • Robert L. Hauck

    Bliss is an Android ROM. If it is like other Android ROM's, it actually does not come with Play Store. You have to install that separately from a package called "Open GAPPS". The Bliss thread on XDA seems to confirm that. 

    Open GAPPS is a repackaging of Google's binaries.The ROM maker does not have a license from Google to distribute the Play Store or other apps. So Open GAPPS is a workaround where the owner of the device takes responsibility for the licensing.

    Google seems to tolerate this because by far the biggest use case is to install a customized Android ROM on a device that originally came with Android. In that case the user does have a license from Google because they bought the device with Google's software on it originally.

    ETA: I believe that Google allows this because they feel it is in their interest for custom Android ROM's to have full functionality. But it remains the case that third parties like Cloudready (or Bliss or Lineage or others) can't themselves distribute the Play Store without permission from Google.

    ETA: Further reading of the XDA thread indicates that the PC version contains Open GAPPS wihle others do not. I don't know how they can do that.

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