HP Pro 35000 Tower PC Graphics



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Martin,


    In the Display settings, what exactly do you see in terms of settings and controls? Can you adjust anything?

  • Martin Webb
    Thanks for response.
    The following is inoperative
    Display Size
    Make items on your screen smaller or larger
    Looks like 720 x 400 (Native)
  • Forrest Smith

    Do you have any other display output ports on that device? We have an existing issue known with our ThinkCentre M700 where something similar happens. In that case, the M700's issue is resolved (temporarily) by switching the display output port from one to another.  

  • Martin Webb

    The only other output is VGA, unfortunately have nothing VGA in my home. May see if can find a cheap PCIe Graphics Card.

    Thanks for prompt resposes

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