Laptop display backlight off



  • Forrest Smith

    Can you adjust backlight using either the keyboard shortcuts printed on the board, or the F6/F7 keys? (try both methods with and without the Fn key as well)

  • Matti

    I can adjust F6/F7 when the light is on, after booting from USB. Everything works well.

    But the problem is that when booting from the hard drive the backlight turns off before login window appears. Why?

  • Forrest Smith

    Some questions that may help:

    1) At the point you're describing the backlight turning off, can you re-enable it by pressing the F7 button? or does it stay blank?

    2) What happens if you attach an external display?

    3) Are there any BIOS settings related to GPU, graphics, or display that you can experiment with?

    4) Have you tried v75 in this preview release?

  • Matti

    Thanks for your reply!

    1. It stays blank.

    2.  I don't have an external display.

    3. No helpful settings in BIOS. I checked.

    4. I downloaded the v75 file. How do i install a bin-file?

  • Forrest Smith

    For #4:
    Go to our guide and follow the "manual" steps for usb installer creaion.

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