64 bit install on 32bit uefi?



  • Joe

    Wat happens when you try to boot from the USB? is the display a touch-screen? (probably not) and in BIOS isa it UEFI or just legacy and if UEFI any security? if so disable if there


    Edit: yep it's a 5-point touchscreen but bare in-mind that touch drivers for the version kernel of CR are abit "In the works" so it may or may not work

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  • Tomas Catone

    Hi again,

    I built a 64 bit USB  and booted up.  The screen during setup was 270 degrees out of whack - just like all the linux trials I have done so I presume this tablet has some hardware reporting issues. 

    But it is up and running - in fact I am typing on it now.  

    Here is what I have got so far - 

    Wifi - working

    Sound and touchscreen not working.  

    Persistence in reboots is working. 


    Any tips on fixing sound and touchscreen are appreciated - but reading up now. 

    But - my big question is - is there something I need to keep in mind if I do an install since this thing has a 32 bit uefi?

    Anyway - thanks in advance.


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  • Joe

    I wouldn't advise installing CR as I've done so for some Tablets with bad success to wear the Tablet id unusable/Wouldn't even turn-on


    I'd advise to wait and see what an Admin. says

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  • Forrest Smith

    Many Linux OSs don't support 32bit bootloaders, but CloudReady does - don't worry about that :-) 


    Your sound may not start working anytime soon because the Linux community has not focused on these tablet chipsets from Intel, and Intel themselves have abandoned that portion of the CPU market.

    Your touchscreen is similar, but instead because a low-end 5-point touchscreen may not have a stable driver integrated supported by the Linux kernel maintainers, and for stability and security CloudReady only includes drivers that reach that level of support.

    For both of the above issues, your best chance at a solution (tho its a shot in the dark) is to update on our dev channel to v75.1.


    As for the screen - I don't know if it will properly persist depending on how/when you change it, but you can use the shortcut ctrl+shift+f3 to rotate the screen. 

    You can also force the device into tablet mode if you want - go to chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts (just like a URL) and enable it. After restarting as prompted, you can initiate or cancel tablet mode using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+shift+t. In tablet mode, if your accelerometer is supported, then the device may even support auto-rotate Though, the whole exercise is worth much less if you touchscreen never starts working :-\

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