Freezing on welcome screen after install



  • Forrest Smith

    Does your device have Nvidia or AMD graphics?

    Any settings in the BIOS about graphics that you can experiment with changing? Maybe an "optimus" setting?

    It sounds like there's some kind of power management issue when booting, or that it's crashing. Have you tried v75 ?

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  • Chris Eaton

    It's Intel graphics i think the chipset is HD 520. There aren't really any graphics settings in the bios. Power management is what I was thinking too. I haven't tried any other version other than what is bottled with the USB installer download currently. 

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  • Tony Baloney

    I've seen similar when the install is not complete because the USB went to sleep installing on a battery. Choose Guest on the USB & changer Power in settings to not sleep & Screen stay on then do the install.

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  • Bidwell Ely

    I had a similar issue some time ago. Here is how I fixed it. I too have a Dell Inspiron laptop so the BIOS may be similar.

    I hit F12. The top line said "Boot Mode is set to Legacy; secure boot: off"

    Legacy Option:

    USB Storage Device

    I decided to change Boot Mode secure: on 

    That eliminated the Legacy setting and allowed the hard drive to operate.

    So the USB has now been removed, and I now have version 76.2.14 (Developer Build - neverware) stable-channel chromeover64

    Which is working great

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